It's OK! Blame me. main menu altering user script

Update #2 @Paxochka on twitter was kind enough to send me a URL to the user script for Firefox (and Opera) that @theJoeBiz wrote. He did write his before I wrote mine but for the tech savvy people out there it’s easy to check that I did not rip off his code since we built them in two different ways. He also have all his scripts available on his website that I found via his profile on Check it out, the guy’s good.

Update According to @favstar, theJoeBiz has made one for Mozilla Firefox as well. I am currently waiting for a response from favstar for the URL to that script.

I was under the impression theJoBiz only had one for Google Chrome and I don’t want anyone to think I am trying to steal his code. If it turns out there is a user script for Firefox written by theJoeBiz I will add the link to that script in this post.

Original post

There has been some talk on twitter about the new menu system on and then theJoeBiz wrote an addon for Google Chrome to revert the main menu back to it’s original state which @favstar promoted on twitter.

Since there wasn’t a solution for those of us running Mozilla Firefox I thought I’d write a quick fix.

I decided to write a Greasemonkey User Script since that, in my opinion, is the easiest and smoothest way of implementing such a thing.

I put the user script on my website and notified @favstar about it. Maybe it will help some of you that wants to have the old menu system on back.

The script is also available on in case my website isn’t up and running for whatever reason.